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Finally, Transform Your Return Of Serve With My Proprietary "ATS" Return Of Serve System The Next Time You Step On The Court 
Get 13 powerful video tutorials that will reveal my proprietary return of serve "fixes" without having to change your footwork or technique. If you want to quickly and easily learn how to improve your accuracy,  strategy, and mindset when it comes to the return, so you can break serve more often and win more matches, then get the "Serve Return Fixes"  

Get The 2nd Serve Return Bonus, US Open Bonus, And The Block Return Bonus
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learn my return secrets I used to qualify for the US Open at the age of 29, and
discover how to use the block/chip return in singles and doubles.

Clear The Net
Deep Corners Crosscourt
Down The Middle
Exaggerate Missing Wide Crosscourt 
Exaggerate Missing Long
Down The Middle - Down The Line
Crosscourt/Inside In Mental Prep
Shadow Stroke Before Point
Move Back A Step or 2
Move Way Back
Move Way Back After The Toss
Agassi Move
Take Away Best Serve After Toss
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Bulletproof Your Serve With These 
3 Powerful Serve Programs 

YES! You have the opportunity to significantly improve your chances of returning serve better than you ever by adding the 2nd Serve Return Bonus, US Open Bonus, and the Block Return Bonus to your order absolutely free. These powerful bonuses were specifically designed by me, Jeff Salzenstein, USPTA Elite Professional and former top 100 ATP singles and doubles player.

These awesome bonuses have been strategically designed to give you complete confidence to return serve up to your true potential. You'll get my trade return of serve secrets hardly anyone knows  The combined value of these 3 bonuses is $141.

 But, yes, they are yours yours free when you try out my
 Serve Return Fixes Program today.

Once you have INSTANT ACCESS to the2nd Serve Return Bonus, US Open Bonus, 
and the Block Return Bonusyou can get started transforming your return of serve.

I guarantee you will improve your consistency, power, and confidence
when you add these bonuses to the Serve Return Fixes lessons.

Get Jeff's Serve Return Fixes FREE
Here's Everything You’re Getting!
  • Clear The Net $19.99
  • Deep Corners Crosscourt $19.99
  • Down The Middle $19.99
  • Exaggerate Missing Wide Crosscourt $19.99
  • Exaggerate Missing Long $19.99
  • Down The Middle - Down The Line $19.99
  • Crosscourt/Inside In Mental Prep $19.99
  • Shadow Stroke Before Point $19.99
  • Move Back A Step or 2 $19.99
  • Move Way Back $19.99
  • Move Way Back After The Toss $19.99
  • Agassi Move $19.99
  • Take Away Best Serve After Toss $19.99
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"I’ve been around the game a long time… played Connors 4 times, taught for Vic Braden, instructed 25 ATP players to meditate back in the 70’s… When I got back into coaching, I spent 150 hours studying technique at Sanchez/Casal, Nike/Bollettieri, Rick Macci, lots of Tennis One videos…

Your instruction stands out for its superior communication, clear and systematic progressions, more holistic approach… I could go on and on
If I were a junior, you’re the type of coach I would seek out. Keep up the great work!"

-Steve, Iowa

“I wanted to share with you the impact that your online courses have had on my tennis. Now, people in my club talk about my play being "on fire!" and I am so happy and excited to get a spike in my performance. 

I cannot tell you how much I was starting to become
disillusioned with my lack of progress until I met you.
I can only describe your programs as an oasis of 

-Jason, Australia

"I LOVE playing tennis. I have been playing tennis for 20+ years. About 3-4 years ago I ordered/received Jeff's Tennis Serve Secrets program. I love Jeff's style. I love the fact that Jeff goes into GREAT detail with all his products. His techniques are the STATE of the ART.
Jeff gives you everything you need to know. Jeff leaves no corner undone. My serve has vastly improved. This is the same with all Jeff's products. Right now I have apprx. 12-13 of Jeff's products. If you are serious about your tennis game you need to order one of his products. Trust me if you love tennis you will be very happy."

-Greg, Washington
Value Of Serve Return Fixes Lessons: $259.87
Value Of 3 Super Bonuses: $141.00
Total Value: $400.87

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My Triple Guarantee
Now, today I am ready to guarantee your investment of the Jeff's Serve Return Fixes in by not one, but THREE ways: 

First, if you do not learn how to easily improve your consistency and accuracy so that you can keep your opponents off guard with your serve, you can cancel your subscription without being charged one penny during the 21 day trial period.

Second, if you do not find this to be the most powerful and high impact Serve Consistency program, just let me know and I'll cancel your order.

Third, even if you just don't like my voice...the way I give my lessons, or even any of the tips I share with you,

Whatever your reason may be, rest assured that you won't be charged if you cancel your free trial in the first 21 days. 

If you're not bouncing-off-the-walls thrilled with the results it produces and the quality of the content, I don't want your money and you can cancel your subscription during the trial period.

If you do not get the results you want, feel free to contact us directly or cancel your order. You can us at 

I want you to see how my Serve Return Fixes can work for YOU. There is absolutely no risk for you to give it shot... 

I am really excited to share my Serve Return Fixes with you so that you can hold serve and dominate your opponents...

Jeff Salzenstein, 
Founder, Tennis Evolution
USPTA Elite Professional
Former Top 100 ATP Pro
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After your order, you will gain Instant Access to the Jeff's Serve Return Fixes module.
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